05 November 2007

The (Obligatory) Black Kids Post

I've been hesitant to write about Black Kids because everyone and their grandmother has been writing about Black Kids. I will try to make this entry devoid of hype, hyperbole or trash-talking because the Jacksonville, Florida quintet has already had its fair share of all of the above, on the sole basis of a four-song EP no less. Instead, I will
attempt to eludicate and inform you of a band that you may or may not like, but that decision should be made based on the music and not my words.
See, here's the part where I could tell you about how only two of the members (siblings Reggie and Ali Youngblood) are actually black and how the other three-fifths of the band maybe represent ironic cultural appropriation. But see, none of that matters. Because when I hear the first downbeat of "I'm Not Gonna Teach Him" I don't want to think; I want to dance! For some, Black Kids veer a little too checkily to early 80's synth-pop. You can make all the Human League-Cure-New Order references you want. They are apt, but only partially. There are doo-wop-y harmonies and girl-group, cheerleader chants plus an occasional self-depricating lyrics (Like "It's Friday night and I ain't got NOBODY" on the awesome "Hurrican Jane").
By now you might have also read about all the technical SNAFUs that plagued their Annex performance at CMJ. Luckily, I caught them the following day at R Bar, where their show went off without a hitch. Off course, lead kid Reggie acknowledged this saying how the audience of wannabe tastemakers would all go back and "write about them in their blogs." Well, hey, he was right.

I've Underestimated My Charm (Again) - Black Kids
I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You - Black Kids
Download the entire "Wizard of Ahhs EP" (it's free!) on their MySpace page.

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