29 November 2007

A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel

A comi-tragedy in progress:
Act 1

Girls enjoy Sufjan's music. Girl decides to get tickets and arfaire for both to see Sufjan speak at PENultimate literary event as surprise for other girl. Girls go, at great time and expense and expectations for, you know, hearing Sufjan. Less than 12 hours before event, Girl gets email:
Dear all,
Due to unforeseen circumstances, tonight’s PENultiamte Lit event with Sufjan Stevens, Rick Moody and Wesley Stace has been postponed. We feel awful about rescheduling at this late date, but a very recent turn of events has taken us by surprise.
We plan to reschedule the event, so please stay tuned for details. Each of you are guaranteed a spot and I will email you with the new date.
Please accept our deepest apologies and we hope to see you when the event happens.
My best,

Girl is in denial. girl writes email:
Hi AK folk,
I just received an e-mail that tonight's lit event at Southpaw is postponed. First, we are just concerned and hope everyone/everything is OK. Second we're not sure what to do with tickets except pass them on... My friend and I flew out here from Seattle just to see Sufjan tonight... we're more than a bit heartbroken knowing we probably can't come back when it's rescheduled. We just hope though that nothing truly awful has happened.
With that creepy Christmas feeling,
June & Meghan

Girl cries. Girl receives email:
Dears June and Meghan,
We are heartbroken for you. Please know
it is because Sufjan has contracted the flu. He must be feeling very
out of sorts because he never cancels engagements.
His assistant said, and she does not know for sure,
that it will be re-scheduled for December 17th. You
may try to be reimbursed through Ticketweb for your
tickets. We know that does nothing for your disappointment
and expenses to come to New York.
Thank you for your willingness to travel so far to see Sufjan.
I will let him know.
Diane/ Asthmatic Kitty Records

Girl is glad to know truth but realizes this does not fix situation. Girls go out with friends and have fun around NYC regardless, placing absolutely no pressure on the excitement and importance of seeing the Mountain Goats tonight. Girls promise to update with further details, and perhaps less crying. Girls keep Sufjan in their thoughts and prayers and wish him a speedy recovery

End Act 1

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Sufjan Stevens - That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!.mp3

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