15 April 2007

When it rains and shines, it's just a state of mind.

There is nothing quite as depressing as the first dreary, wet day of the year. There's just something about the sound of car tires splashing through puddles that makes my soul emit a small, sad, sound. And don't get me started on how morose the world looks when viewed through a rain splattered bus window.

Only one thing can salvage my mood on a day such as this. And that one thing is happy Swedish indy pop:

Apart, they are just two slightly geeky looking young men from Sweden. Together, Johan Hedberg and Peter Gunnarson are ‘Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.’ Not even taking into account the fact that their name comes from a Silver Jews song (and let’s face it, it doesn’t get much cooler than taking your band name from a Silver Jews song), these guys are pretty damn awesome.

Currently, they have two EPs and a full length album under their happy, poppy little belts. The EPs are titled #1 and #2 respectively, and in a blinding flash of originality the album goes by the name #3. At the time this went to print I’d only had the pleasure of exploring the two EPs, each for tracks long. I search ever diligently for the album though, and I shall keep you posted on that front.

#1 is definitely the lighter, more poppy pf the two EPs. #2 has a darker feel to it, almost but not quite reminiscing of The Smiths.

That's the thing about these two little EPs. One moment it’s hand claps and whistles and you think, ‘ah, ok, they’re like fellow Swedes Peter, Bjorn and John.’ At other moments you feel more inclined to place them in the twee boat with Belle and Sebastian. Give it a few minutes and They Might Be Giants comparisions start to spring to mind. But more often than they remind me of some one else, and this is what makes them so exciting, more often, they remind me of no one else I've ever heard.

The mandolin that features on #1, or the recorder, yes that’s right, the recorder, on #2, it’s things like this that set ‘Suburban Kids…’ apart from all the other happy, indy music out there.

Because delightfully quirky lyrics, crazy catchy tunes, uber sing-a-longable choruses, these things are not so hard to come by. But the recorder? That’s something special.

From #1: Trumpets and Violins.
i've seen your eyes more sad than this so fuck the shit and sign the list.
From #2: Teenage Poetry
i'm gonna stop my drinking, and move into a cabin.

Buy some Suburbian Kids With Biblical Names.


merry meghan said...

Thanks for sharing!

R said...

If you haven't found a copy yet, I have a promo of the album, #3.

I'm still figuring out this sendspace thing, but you can email knaurr at att dot net