15 April 2007

Oh my God it was a million years ago

This album's been leaked here and there already, but for those who haven't gotten a glimpse at this treasure, we offer you a tease. Because, really, if you knew them well already then you'd already have it, but if you didn't, then here you have a chance at learning without an onslaught of hype, or a barrage of context-less tracks.

Slated for a May 22 release, this indie alt-rock group seems to know their audience well already. The National's borrowing of Thomas Bartlett (of Doveman)'s talents, as well as Sufjan Stevens tickling the ivories on two tracks (Racing Like a Pro and Ada), helps narrow their definitive sound under the expanded umbrella definition of indie rock. A satisfying tenor voice and confident guitar are hallmarks here, the equivalent of a big meal after subsisting on frozen appetizers for weeks.

Eat up:
01 Fake Empire
02 Mistaken for Strangers
03 Brainy
04 Squalor Victoria
05 Green Gloves
06 Slow Show
07 Apartment Story
08 Start a War
09 Guest Room
10 Racing Like a Pro
11 Ada
12 Gospel

The National - Ada.mp3

You can pre-order Boxer from Amazon.com (and save a whopping .99? Be still our beating hearts).

In other news, it's been a very Death Cab for Cutie mood around here lately. Long road trips to work conferences in tacky tourist towns can only do so much to stimulate the musical palette. 2001's Photo Album does the mood justice with the utter absurdity of L.A.'s existence.

I, much like the Bellingham-based group (and most Washingtonians for that matter) tend to question the reasons behind the existence of California in general. I suspect that, weather martyrdoms aside, we simply can't admit we respect them from a distance.

Death Cab for Cutie - Why You'd Want To Live Here.mp3

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