13 April 2007

Inappropriate covers!

I can't even begin to address WHY these exist in the first place, but am I glad they do!

I'd really like to know who green-lighted this project. It's a group of Belgian school girls covering the DiVinyls. The amazingly full and balanced, rich choral sound is backed here by a simple piano, giving it a very school-assembly-like feel. Was this a school project? Were the parents made aware? Who cares!
While there's a handful of other budding young covers temptingly offered up on their albums, this singularity seems exceptionally popular with their Anglo audience. (You can check out their Web site here.)

Is it wrong to like this? Oh my yes. Will you still like it? Oh, yeah!

Scala - I Touch Myself.mp3

Making the narrow leap to the moniker Dick Cheese, this lounge aficionado has quite a taste for deliciously cheesy covers of pop, rock, punk and rap hits. Deceptively corny and therefore presumably innocent, 2 Live Crew's vulgar lyrics immediately arrest you with hilarity, especially once the 50’s kitsch-sounding "chorus" rolls in. Even the horn section is, er, horny! 2005's Aperitif For Destruction album turns the camp factor up to 11.

Richard Cheese - Me So Horny.mp3

What the aforementioned is for lounge music, Max Raabe is for German big band jazz classics of the 1930's. Here he gives a nod to Salt-n-Pepa in this tinny, oddly authentic-sounding jazz piece with delivery of a spoken radio announcement. His dual-language Web site showcases an impressive discography for what one might otherwise imagine to be a limited genre. Worth checking out--there might even be something acceptable for both grandma and the kids!

Max Raabe - Let's Talk About Sex.mp3


Megan said...

These remind me of all those Beach Boys covers done by the Langley Schools Project, or whatever it was called. Although I really liked those, or at least the ones I've heard.

And, just out of curiosity, why the capital 'v' in divinyls?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Yep, those are strange. Richard Cheese probably has a shrine to Weird Al in his living room. Have you heard the Deftones covering Sade's "No Ordinary Love"? That might fit in here. It's surprisingly cool.