17 April 2007

Everybody Seems To Think I'm Lazy

So yesterday the ever awesome Xtopher (you all know Xtopher, right?) sent me a link to a place where I might hear some music by a fellow named Ferraby Lionheart.

I clicked, the page loaded, and I listened.

At first his voice seems slightly better than average, but ultimately undistinguishable from so many others. But there is a moment, one lone moment, that makes the reader question his. It arrives at the end of 'Tickets for Crickets,' the first song on the ep. (That in a stroke of brilliance rivaling that of the below mentioned Suburban Kids... he entitled 'EP'). The song is almost at end when suddenly and beautifully his voice lifts and hits the perfect high note. The moment, as amazing as it is, is somewhat frustrating. It seems to prove that Ferraby's voice is capable of much greater things then what we see on the bulk of the EP.

But whatever ambition he lacks in voice, he makes up for elsewhere. The songs are satisfyingly melodic; listening to them is like eating a large and tasty meal. The lyrics are interesting, although I found that I was focusing more on the sound of the songs rather than what they were actually saying.

But, and this is the important part, the songs are all markedly different. From the piano driven, Hawksley Workman-esque 'Tickets to Crickets,' or the more rocking 'The Ballad Of Sam and Gus,' or the harmonica heavy, countryish ''A Crack In Time,' EP proves that Lionheart is not content to stick to any one genre.

Which is not to say that the EP has a mix and match kind of sound to it. There is a certain something that links all six songs, although for life of me I couldn't say what that something is.

I for one am interested to see what Ferraby might do with a full-length album. He's definitely an artist to keep a eye on. If only he wasn't so lazy with his voice.

Tickets to Crickets



Undisputed Wes said...

i love this song and that's a great cover :)

Anonymous said...

link is dead.