29 April 2007

Put Your Ghost to Rest

Kevin Devine

I hate to Oberst your bubble (lame pun, I know) but there's another tortured-soul-of-a-singer-songwriter currently upstaging Bright Eyes, at least on my iPod. His name is Kevin Devine and much like that aforementioned dude, he blends the personal and the political with ease and agility. But the weak of heart (or hearing at least) should be forewarned. Vocally, Conor sounds like a songbird in comparison. However there is something endearing about the sincerity of his impassioned squeaks and shrieks.

Also, Devine has an amazingly charming presence live, exuding a bashful gratitude of sorts toward the audience, unlike Oberst who has a reputation for condescendingly dismissing and ignoring his rabid fans in concert. The blonde Brooklynite's latest album
Put Your Ghost to Rest, released late last year on Capitol Records, fits in nicely with his previous efforts and is sure to elevate his status among the overcrowded indie-folk genre.

Kevin Devine - The Burning City Smoke.m4a
Kevin Devine - Billion Bees.m4a
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Also, check out his acoustic track "You'll Only End Up Joining Them" on the Cross-Pollination Mixtape.

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