13 April 2007

"We'll Dance the Night Shift Away!" Live Review: Pony Pants and Erase Errata @ Vassar College 4/12/07

Last night I caught a show by Pony Pants and Erase Errata. While I had not heard much by either band, they put on a pretty fun show. Pony Pants played funk-laden electro punk, very danceable stuff. (although the audience of mainly insufferable hipsters just sort of disaffectedly bobbed their heads, which is probably as close to dancing that demographic will get). Erase Errata played artsy post-punk, a bit noisy and disharmonic , but fun nonetheless.

Pony Pants - Factory mp3
This track is about "dancing the night shift away" and gets cool points for referencing Boston's "More than a Feeling.

Buy - Till Death Do Us Party

Photos taken by me courtesy Amy Cheng's camera.

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