12 April 2007

"A fire turns inside my guts and my face screws up in delight"

I'm looking out my window. The world is overcast and wet. The clouds are tightening, as if the earth is draining the sky of all it's viscous properties. On days like today, when the natural world is draining me of the desire to do nothing more than curl up in bed with cup of something warm and sweet, I listen to David Thomas Broughton.

The Complete Guide to Insufficiency
is nowhere near as self-depricating as the title suggests. Rather it is ethereal, haunting almost awe-inducing (think a vocal blend of Antony's catharsis and Devendra's intonation, yet with a distinct warble all his own) - just 5 tracks, 40 minutes, of brooding hypnotic acoustic pseudo-Walt Whitman-esque ramblings. I make the Whitman comparison thematically speaking, as the lyrics attempt to reconcile the existential with the corporeal in the most poetic of ways. The production transcends intimate – all recorded in one take in an English church -nothing dubbed or tweaked or butchered in a studio. I know it was initially released two years ago, but sometimes it takes dreary April days to remind you of such hypnotic wonder.

Ever Rotating Sky mp3

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