19 April 2007

Bye Bye-a Sanjaya: A Moment of Silence for the Ponyhawk

As we all know by now, America's favorite awkward/endearing, pohawk-rocking teenager, Sanjaya Malakar, is no longer America's favorite awkward/endearing, pohawk-rocking teenager. His absence from American Idol will leave a gaping hole in my heart and at the very least my Tuesday and Wednesday night TV schedule.

I suppose now is a good time as any to refute Cracked list of 2007s "100 Unsexiest Men" seeing as how Mr. Malakar is #7!). Just look at the hair!Another glaring inaccuracy is #65, The Decemberists' dashing lead singer, Colin Meloy (wow, never thought he'd have something in common with sanjaya!)

However we won't refute the #80 Ann Coulter (check out that Adam's apple)

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