25 April 2007

We would shout and swim about the coral that lies beneath the waves

I own an overwhelming number of EPs. This is because I am a student and therefore overwhelmingly poor an overwhelmingly lot of the time, and because EPs are cheap.

And of all the EPs that cluster and fight for space in my many CDs racks, my favorite may well be this one:

"All At Sea," six song EP by Australian quartet, New Rules For Boats.

With not a care for conventions or rules they take the best of happy, jangly, sophisticated pop and the best of homegrown, harmonica driven, country music and smash the to together. This contrast is mirrored by the indy pop vocals or Sean Pollard and the smoky, folky Miranda Pollard.

The result is an EP that does not rest easy in any one genre, but rather dances merrily between the two. Perfect music for a hipster dance party in a barn. Or a ho-down in a swish cafe.

They also put on a killer live show. I saw them myself at the start of the year, when they opened for Yo La Tengo. Funny story: my boyfriend and I arrived to the concert early, and we were unsure of where to queue. So we asked a pleasant looking young man in a blue shirt, who pointed us in the right direction. Pleasant young man turned out to be non other than Sean Pollard himself. So, not only do they make good music, but they also give good directions!

Not Impressed
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