18 April 2007

Cascade High School choir performance: 4/15/07 @ The Enzian, Leavenworth, WA

This week I had the dubious honor of attending a boring work conference in a fake Bavarian village/tourist trap known as Leavenworth, Washington. On Sunday night, however, we were treated to a performance by the Cascade High School choir. What a performance! A delightful mixture of funny songs that highlighted their spirits and traditional coral arrangements boasting their superbly balanced voices. Inspiring solos and talented piano backings by the students complimented the sounds and merely touched on the talents they have. They were the highlight of the evening (dare I say, the entire conference).

Their director/advisor Anne Conrad provided some information about the group and that night's performance:

I only had 10 of the 26 kids that night. I also have 3 kids who made the All Northwest Choir (the top 400 singers in 6 states) and another 7 who were in All State Choir (the next best 250 singers in Washington state). Of that group, only 3 were at your performance. At the end of this month we will be in Ellensburg competing in the State Championships.
Wow! I can only imagine how the entire group would sound. I'd keep an eye on some of these talented youth for future performances. Kudos to these kids and their advisor for treating us to their fine talents.

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