05 July 2007

Track 1 autorepeat...

Yours Truly, circa 1986. NOTE: Nothing has changed.

You ever discover a song that you just love the first time you hear it, so you immediately listen again... then again... then just put it on auto-repeat? Much to the malign of friends, family and coworkers, the following handful of songs do that to me. They tend to be beat-dominant with a catchy hook or sweet lyrics or just some fabulous harmonies.


Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire.mp3 (from the self-titled album)
Mirah - La Familia (remix).mp3 (from Joyride: Remixes)
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence.mp3 (from Violator)
Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks.mp3 (from Writer's Block)
mc DJ - UFO.mp3

If that last one sounds familiar, it's because its a sample off the first track off Illinois. It comes from an all-Illinois remix album titled appropriately (and awesomely) enough, Illin'-Noise. The entire album is available as a free download here. Recommended if you've ever wondered what Sufjan would sound like as a squirrel.

Oh, and since I missed the 4th of July yesterday, here's Sufjan performing the national anthem at 2004's Seaport Festival:
Sufjan Stevens - The Star-Spangled Banner.mp3


Amy said...

I'd love to hear the MCdj song... but it says it can't take me to the download page because it's a weirdly formatted thing... help?!
Thanks!! Can't wait to hear it.

June said...

amy... the "h" was missing off the front of the URL, so it was linking to "ttp://www..." accidently. It's fixed now, so enjoy!

I also highly recommend checking out the Illin'-Noise link where you can DL the rest of the tracks. :)

Amy said...

Oh wow... that's super cool. Thank you!! I'm addicted! Great to study to...

Grace said...

I just got ahold of that Mirah remixes album - So much yummy.