31 July 2007

Elephant 6: Target-ed

As Stereogum, so astutely noted in a recent post, not one, but two songs by Elephant 6 bands have been used in commercials by Target. Normally it's a pretty cliche/fruitless endeavor to debate the merits and consequences of "selling-out" (for lack of a better term). However the convergence of Beulah AND Apples in Stereo licensing their songs for the same corporation has got me wondering which band spawned by the masterful psych-pop collective will be next. Something tells me fans of Neutral Milk Hotel shouldn't worry. I don't think the world is ready for Jeff Mangum to sell them discount designer dishware.

In case you're wondering what songs were used:
Go - Apples in Stereo (live)

Silver Lining - Beulah

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