11 July 2007

Mountain Goat Covers, Part 2

Here are all those tMG covers I promised:

No Surprises - The Mountain Goats (Radiohead cover)
This one seems apt given all the attention being awarded to OK Computer's tenth anniversary.

Cut Your Hair - The Mountain Goats (Pavement cover)
Another indie anthem gets the John Darnielle treatment.

Two-Headed Boy - The Mountain Goats (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)
JD is definitely aware of the risk he's taking covering a song by a band that's saved more people than Jesus. Before he even starts to sing he states "I know there are a few of you out there living and dying with this one". Indeed, count us among them.

Reel Around the Fountain - The Mountain Goats (The Smiths cover)
The audio quality on this one's not the best, but oh I can deal with the static to hear Mr. Darnielle sing some of the most uber-romantic lyrics ever written, Fifteen minutes with you, well I wouldn't say no Neither would we.

In case you missed some of the more unconventional songs covered by tMG (including songs by such musical geniuses R. Kelly and Ace of Base), be sure to check them out here in my earlier post.


Nymeth said...

Oh wow, I had no idea they'd done No Surprises or Reel around the Fountain. Thank you so much!

Phoex said...

Sadness... the links expired before I got here :/