01 July 2007

Acoustic vs. electronic: Go f!ght w!n


Randolph J. Chabot Jr. started to make electronic music when he was 13 at his home in Sterling Heights, MI. All the music is made in Randolph's basement with the help of a lot of sampled children's toys and synthesizers. The one-man band finished his first album that year despite the ecstatic, aural trauma it caused his mother.

He studied youth development in college with the intent of becoming a social worker, dropping out to pursue music full time. He formed an electro band called Veleciraptor, which inspired the ideas for his current synthesized projects: Our Brother the Megazord and Deastro which try to blur the lines between electronic and acoustic music.

But what, exactly, does it sound like? Acoustic and electronic become not so mutually exclusive as you might believe. Infused with contemporary rock beats, creative use of sound effects and intriguingly complex melodies, this balance tips between the two types of music. Far from causing dissonance, it pulls the ear in draws parallels to ethereal electronic artists like Placebo and Ladytron, with sophistication and polish.

Our Brother the Megazord - Bug Hunt.mp3
Deastro - The Shaded Forests.mp3

He has two full lengths to be released as a 34-song double disc in July 2007: Our Brother’s “Time the Teenage Twister” and Deastro’s “The Young Planets.” He is currently working on songs for his acoustic project Jr. Jr. and the new Deastro album titled "Dark Diamond." (Impressive!)

Also check out Deastro's Myspace page here: http://www.myspace.com/deastrothetracker

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