12 July 2007

"Do you know why you get feelings in your heart?"

I adore, adore, adore Richard Hawley. His raspy British croon, his melancholy lyrics and sumptuous arrangements all make me swoon. If you are unfamiliar with the singer, please check out his latest video for "Tonight the Streets Are Ours," quite possibly his poppiest and most optimistic song to date. Watching it was probably the happiest thng to happen to me today. Those of you fortunate enough to live in the UK can get your hands on his upcoming album Lady's Bridge August 20th. Those of us in the States will have to wait until October 2nd. You have no idea how bummed this makes me.

2005's Coles Corner was probably that year's most underated album. Brimming with sorrow and strings and solitude, it's the perfect soundtrack to the candle-lit evening for one where you hope on a whim a special someone will show up, but you know in your heart they never will. Yeah, I spent a lot of time with this gem of a record. Check out the stunning title track and a live version of "Hotel Room":


Lizzie said...

Hey, good post Jess! I'm only a little bit familiar with Mr. Hawley, but I love all three of these videos. I'll have to go dig up some more. :)

Brabazon said...

'Late Night Final' is a great album too, especially 'The Nights Are Cold', which is about as good a 2 minutes 49 seconds of plaintive crooning as you'll find... although as a description that doesn't really do it justice...

I saw him play in a marquee in Belfast a while ago. We have to take whatever crumbs we can get over here... :/