11 July 2007

Christmas in July!

It's too hot! Santa, I wish for snow!

Here in the western United States, we're having a heat wave. It has been more than 80 degrees every day for more than one week now. This is probably laughable to everyone closer to the equator than the 49th parallel N, but here is it devastating!

So here are some songs to help cool off. They invoke memories of frosted windowpanes, sledding, and a time when a mug of hot cocoa actually sounded like a good idea. (Oh, and know that I am sooooo holding back on the Sufjan here. Dude, Songs for Christmas came out 8 months ago and I am *still* rocking all 42 festive tracks.)

1 comment:

MattHurst said...

you read our mind. it's time to make xmas in july mixtapes