18 July 2007

June on short haitus

Walter II, you will always be loved...

We are gathered here today to remember my beloved 12" G4 PowerBook, Walter II, which passed away two nights ago. As the collector of live cuts, cover songs, and rarities, and the production unit to four novels, he provided me with endless hours of amusement (as long as he was plugged in).
He was almost four years old.

He was much beloved by me, as I have known him longer and have spent more time with him than my actual husband. He leaves behind a 30G hard drive space that was positively overflowing with delicious music.

He is survived and, hopefully on Friday, will be replaced by Walter III, his 13" G4 MacBook successor with more than four times the hard drive space with which to fill up with fabulous new music to be shared by all.

Let's have a moment of silence, please, for my anguishing 5 days without iTunes.

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