01 August 2009

Talk about a band that's hard to Google

Confession: I tend to overuse words like "awesome" and "amazing" so often they're practically rendered meaningless. However please note that when I use them to describe "Hellhole Ratrace" by Girls they are anything but hyperbolic. I literally cried the first time I heard this 7 minute epic. It's as if someone distilled all the emotional anguish I've ever experienced (and believe me that's a LOT) into a song. It's got a slow build to an Arcade Fire-like crescendo and a yearning so pure and sincere and honest, it makes me wanna rip my heart out and give it hug. Except I think that might be a little messy so maybe not.

Seriously if you only download one song off our blog all year please make it this one.

Hellhole Ratrace - Girls
I don't wanna cry my whole life through. I wanna do some dancing too. So come on come on come on and dance with me!

Girls debut album, the frustratingly titled, Album is out Sept. 22 on Matador.

Oh and hey a video:

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