25 August 2009

The first ever Volume Knob Podcast

Here it is. The very first Volume Knob Podcast (Knobcast?). I'm not sure how frequently I'll record these. A lot depends on your feedback and my tolerance for my own voice.

It runs about half an hour long (28:40 to be precise) and features songs by bands recently mentioned on the blog, with a few other tracks thrown in for good measure. The first edition features music by:

Yo La Tengo
The Very Best
The Antlers
The Mountain Goats (duh)
Horse Shoes
AND to top it all off Brian Wilson RAPPING

Be sure to let us know what you think. Should we do more of these? Should I talk less? What about lenghth?

Oh and by the way it's me, Jess talking. I fail to introduce myself on tape. Oops, some people never outgrow their awkward teen years (and by some people I mean me).

Download it HERE.

(RSS Feed coming soon)

1 comment:

Vania said...

I love it! Sometimes it gets a little inaudible right before you play the song, but I can live with it. I'll be looking forward to future Knobcasts.