19 August 2009

The post in which I finally listen to the Antlers

Despite the fact that Pop Tarts Suck Toasted has been telling me to listen to this band for the past oh 2 years, I must admit I am slow to the Antlers bandwagon. But all it took was one listen to "Two" and I was enthralled. It's all warm strummy goodness that swirls around an eliptical melody, like pixies around a campfire. I've yet to investigate the rest of their album Hospice (just re-released on Frenchkiss), and hate to get all Sarah Palin on ya, but you betcha, I will be!

If you haven't already, listen for yourself:

Two - The Antlers

Oh and hey there's a cartoon video too!

1 comment:

LMS said...

Don't feel bad. I had to have their newest album all but handed to me on a plater before I realized the extent of my foolishness.