25 August 2009

The Decemberists just wanna use your love tonight

Ok, so this cover is about five years old, yet it's totally new to me. Decemberists' guitar player Chris Funk finally steals center stage away from Mr. Meloy and sings the crap out of a song that is pretty much impossible to fuck up. You know the one that goes "I just wanna use your love tonight, I don't wanna lose your love toniiiiiiight". Yeah that one.

I think Chris Funk should just hit the road as a one-man-80s-one-hit-wonder cover band. That'd be way more epic than The Hazards of Love. Just sayin'

The banter at the end is also hilarious, but I don't want to give anything away so just listen for yourself.

Your Love (The Outfield cover) - The Decemberists


Julie said...


The Decemberists are coming to Florida. Finally. Would you like to know WHEN? WOULD YOU? Well, I'll tell you. They are coming to St. Augustine the EXACT SAME NIGHT that Frightened Rabbit will be in Orlando.


Julie said...

Of course, they *will* be in Orlando the very next night. Hmm ... What would you do, Jess?

Jess said...

well ideally i'd see both. though i know back to back nights of shows can be exhausting. but if you've never seen the decemberists live, you really, really should see them.

ALSO i'm going to be in florida the week of thanksgiving. and i know the mountain goats are playing in st. augastine on nov. 23. i kinda really want to go. (it's about 2 hrs from my grandma's house in deltona). i don't know if you'll be around then, but if you are would you possibly maybe be able to accompany me? or even if you can't make the show i'd love to meet up somehow, somewhere maybe?

Jess said...

oh i meant the 24. but on the 23 they'll be in orlando which is actually easier for me to get to. but let me know if any of this speculation is possible :)