21 December 2009

I feel I should go and buy a natty vest in celebration

"Fangio, Juan Fangio" paper cut-out art by Trystan Nielsen

From the ever awesome Fayettenam Records website:

"Some exciting news: early in 2010 Fayettenam will be releasing FANGIO, a new album by Peter Peter Hughes. You may know Peter Peter (minus one "Peter") as bass player for the Mountain Goats and Nothing Painted Blue, or as the frontman of the late, great DiskothiQ. FANGIO is pretty different from anything by those bands. It's an LP-length electro-pop paean to deceased Formula One champion Juan Manuel Fangio. Yes it is. It's also smart, catchy, novelistic in its detail and really great.

FANGIO will be out on LP and digital download, and will be preceded by a 7" single. More details soon..."

I can remember playing the lo-fi masterpiece 'the one hundred thousand songs of peter peter hughes' (which, fyi you can download for free from PPH's website, so go do so now) on repeat as I took the bus back and forth from uni when I first moved out of home. To this day the sound of those songs brings instantly to mind the memory of traffic lights blurred by rain splattered bus windows, and the heavy weight of homesickness in my belly. I am so excited for this new album, its not even funny.


June said...

SO excited.

valerie2776 said...

yes yes yes yes YESSSS