08 December 2009

Ear-worm warning

I just rediscovered my favorite way to discover music - mixes. Especially when you don't even glance at the tracklist before listening, because sometimes just the sight of a certain band name or even a word, say "crystal-bear-and/or-wolf" can give way to a whole set of pre-conceived associations, some of which are bad. I like my listening to be as devoid of context as possible, which is usually why Bejeweled covers up the iTunes player on my screen (well that and I just had to beat Aunt Marsha's high score). Basically this is just a really long-winded way of saying I heard these two songs by the same band on the same mix and really, REALLY liked them.

After all that exposition I'm hesitant to even tell you the band's name given everything I just said. But despite what past lovers might tell you, I'm not cold or withholding. The band is Oberhofer, which really is just one dude named Brad, uh Oberhofer. And his music is freakishly catchy and compelling, kinda like the aural equivalent of watching a hypnotist's pocket watch being swayed in front of your eyes. I almost expect to see Twilight Zone-esque black and white spirals appear from the ether, when listening to it. Imagine if your favorite pop/indie/folk/electronic song was recorded underwater. It would still be poppy and accessible, but would have a little subversive twist and quirk in its production. I should probably stop typing now and let you just listen for yourself.

Away FRMU - Oberhofer
I Could Go - Oberhofer

Sadly for us, the guy only has a few demos posted on his MySpace. Here's hoping for an album, or at least an EP by next year.

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Caitlin said...

Great find!
I'm adding it to the cd mixes I'm making for my dad for Christmas :)