22 December 2009

Did your holiday party have a Neutral Milk Hotel cake??

So as you may or may not know, Julian Koster (of Neutral Milk Hotel(!!!!) and The Music Tapes fame) is gracious enough to perform Christmas carols in random strangers home across the country with his magical saw. And magical it is. Along with two of his bandmates and a set of plastic nutcrackers, illuminated sheep and strands of holiday lights, they play the classics (sing-along fave Jingles Bells, the majestic O Tannenbaum) along with a couple of originals. With an ethereal hum, the saws, all of which have names mind you, sung their little hearts out (Believe me these saws have hearts, just as much as they have teeth). As you might imagine, seeing an indie-pop legend in the comfy confines of your friend's living room is a pretty awesome intimate experience. Especially given the old-school decorations and endearing holiday stories. (Julian's imitation of his grandfather spinning a yarn about an old man eating his hat was downright adorable).

Get a sense of the magic with this video taken at a caroling event last year:

And honestly the Elephant 6 collective makes a much better party theme than ugly sweaters. I mean did your holiday bash have an In the Aeroplane Over the Sea cake?! Or King of Carrot cake cupcakes? I think not.
Special thanks to Tom Williams at Radio Exile for hosting. All photos by Sarah Mulligan. Check out even more at her flickr page.

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