22 December 2009

A competition! Oh ho! (Win Death Cab swag plus a mix!)

Oh hi there readers! So here's the skinny: Way back in October for my birthday my awesome real life buddy Inez bought me, among other cool gifts, Death Cab For Cutie's 'open door' ep. But! Disaster! I already had a copy of that particular ep, which I loved very much. If two copies could double the loved I'd be set, but sadly it doesn't work that way. Which mean I appear to have an extra copy of this ep, just sitting there and not getting to fufill its destiny of being played.

So I though we'd hold a little competition, and the winner could get Death Cab's 'open door' and, even cooler, a custom made mix cd! (I haven't actually checked that Inez is cool with me giving away her gift, so, uh, if you're reading this nez and thinking, 'oh my god, megan is such a bitch I hate her,' then just remember who keeps you stocked up with might angus burgers and mcflurrys, alright? Also, Inez, you could totally enter and try to win your gift back, wouldn't that be delightfully postmodern? Or something?)

Anyway! To win all you have to do is download the 2:20min-ish clip I made and identify the songs you hear within. Long term listeners will remember we did something like this a while ago, and it seemed to work pretty well. There's 19 songs to be identified, whoever gets the most wins! You can either e-mail us (volume.knob@hotmail.com) your answers, or you can answer in the comments (I won't make them visable till the contest is over).

You have until, ummm, let's say saturday Australia time (which is friday for most of you living in the past dudes and dudettes) to get your answers in. Remember, if you win, you have to be cool with letting me know your address. I promise not to stalk you. Much.

Ok, go!

19 track totally awesome clip thing for competition winningness (remember, only sad pancake hating fart heads google for answers. although good luck googling la la la la).

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