21 September 2009

Sunday Mail Bag (Monday edition): Cleemann

I was immeadiately struck by the title and cover art of this obscure little album I received in the mail the other day. An old man holding two seashells up to his ears, with an intent look upon his face, as if he was trying to hear the universe. The title simply reads 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring. After a completely shit-tastic Monday I need caring. And I'll take about 45 minutes of it. And after listening to Cleemann, I got it.

Gunnar Cleemann is basically a Danish dude you've never heard of and his voice is otherworldly. Think a blend of Antony, that guy from Sigur Ros, but with a distinct weirdness all his own. I can't quite find the adjectives for it. Musically he experiments with a combination of lush orchestrations, acoustic arrangements and tinges of electronic gauze to make one of the downright prettiest albums I've heard in a long, long time. Additionally, the eclectic sonic palette evokes emotions which the songs are actually titled after (see: "Romantic", "Ambitious" and "Righteous"). It's dreamy and layered for sure, but also approachable and most importantly emotional. In other words, it's exactly how pop music should be.

Download these two tracks:
Repairman - Cleemann
Emphatic - Cleemann

Stream more songs here
AND if you still want more Cleemann (and let's face it, you will) Buy it - on sale now via Series II Records

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