01 September 2009

Boost your health: ROCK OUT!

Good news from England: LOUD ROCK MUSIC IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH!!! (via the Daily Mail)

Heading off to rock festivals, or simply turning up the volume on your home amplifier might be good for your brain power. According to researchers at Manchester University, music fans are stimulating part of the inner ear known as the sacculus, which responds to the beat in music. This gives the brain pleasure and makes us feel good - during the music and afterwards.

The sacculus, which is not thought to have any hearing function in humans, appears to be sensitive only to very loud volumes, above 90 decibels.Neil Todd, an expert in the scientific study of music, explains that the sacculus seems to be part of a primitive hearing mechanism that has slowly been lost as humans have evolved. He said it has a connection to the part of the brain responsible for drives such as hunger, sex and hedonistic responses.

When these desires are satisfied, the brain is stimulated into releasing feelgood hormones that make us calm, happy and responsive. So to trigger a dose of happy hormones on a Monday morning, you should, in theory, choose Black Sabbath over chamber music.

In other news, fizzy drinks combat dementia and avoiding housework prevents allergies (no, really!). Celebrate by turning the volume knob up to 11!

Here's a tune for the occasion:
Bang Bang Rock & Roll - Art Brut


deafenstein said...

It would explain why I go to so many concerts, but now my problem is that I've got bad hearing and I don't want it to get worse. :(

Hanan said...

that's just great.
thanks for posting!