15 September 2009

Nick Cave @ Barnes & Noble, Union Sq. NYC 9/14/09

Nick Cave is sexy in a creepy-old-man way. This was confirmed when I saw him yesterday at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. With his devastatingly hot accent (no doubt a combination of his Australian upbringing and his current residence in England) Cave discussed at length his illustrious 30+ year long career as a musician and writer and also read from his new novel The Death of Bunny Munro, a tale of a womanizing traveling salesman and his son. Unsurprisingly the place was packed. I was lucky enough to get a seat all the way in the back (and I arrived an hour early too no less). But even squinting through the throngs of people in front of me, Cave's angular features and omnious eyes were epically piercing. Check out my uber-blurry photo:

Whether in song or in story Cave's narratives often take elements of sex and spirituality and blend them in twisted and powerful ways. So when asked by the moderator if he preferred the old or new testament I wasn't all that surprised when he replied, "Old testament men are better in bed." I totally believe it. And while we're on the subject of the Bible. Cave wrote all about the Book of Mark. You can read it here.

Another fun fact: Cave said his father read him Lolita aloud to him when he was 12. Again, why does this not surprise me.

We Call Upon the Author to Explain - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

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