12 September 2009

From a mess to the masses!

How have I gone all summer without posting anything by Phoenix?? I must have been too busy dancing to their music that it slipped my mind to actually post it. Anyways I'm sure many of you have already heard the pop-bliss that is Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, but for those you that haven't, it's not too late to listen to the ultimate summer jams well into the your fall.

Detractors might claim that album all sounds a bit same-y. But I think that's half its beauty. It's one half-hour of peppy synths, jangly riffs and bouncy French bounciness. It has worked wonders given the dreary monsoon of a summer us New Yorkers have endured, as it's always provided a well-needed dose of electric sunshine. Here's hoping it works its magic well into the rest of the year. I have a little feeling it will.

Check out these highlights:

Lisztomania - Phoenix
1901 - Phoenix


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it's like an insta-pick-me-up!