27 September 2009

John Darnielle and I are probably the only ones who care...

Nevermind Pavement, I'm WAY more excited about this reunion. According to the BBC, after 20 years apart, Spandau Ballet are releasing a new single and touring. It's TRUE (see what I did there!).

More importantly however is the Mountain Goats' John Darnielle's take on the band. In this recording, he spends nearly 12 minute?! daring to make sense of the song "True". His absurd dissection of the lyrics, syntax and structure are any music critic's wet dream. Not to mention downright hilarious. In other words JD explains, we should both love and hate "True" because "in its total refusal to yield to even the closest reading, (it) is a masterstroke of code speak."

Spandau Ballet's "True Story" - The Mountain Goat

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damnyreyes said...

could you repost this please...i've been looking for this everywhere thank tons