07 September 2009

Because it's not *quite* too late**

If you're wrapping up your Labor Day weekend slow and tired, like I am, or if you're confused by the lack of new episodes of True Blood and Mad Men (Jess' note: actually there was a new ep of Mad Men on, and a damn good one at that) to ease you into your work week, head on over to woxy.com for the last several hours of the 20th annual Modern Rock 500.* Song #100 is starting right now! You can stream it right through your iTunes, even.

*This is betraying my age, but I still have to tell you: I very clearly remember staying up WAY TOO LATE on a school night to record the top 20 songs of what had to be the 2nd annual Modern Rock 500 on cassette. Then they replayed them the next evening, anyway. That tape just died earlier this year.

**If you like spoilers, or if you find the website a bit difficult to navigate, the whole list can be found here here.

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