09 September 2009

Man, I love his accent

Ever wonder what Nordic vampires listen to in their spare time, you know when they're not drinking the blood of sexy ladies? Well Alex Skarsgard, the dude that plays True Blood's almighty Eric, addresses that as he guest DJs on KCRW. His set includes a lot of classic rock and punk and even a song in Swedish.

What's most charming are his personal anecdotes accompanying each song dedication -to his mom, dad, sick friend, past lover and even the city of LA. Plus he reminisces about his punk days "drink(ing) cheap beer and bitch(ing) about the decay of our civilization". We approve!
Listen to it here.

Download one of his choices here:
The Passenger - Iggy Pop


Megan said...

Hey, I thought I was the VKer with a thing for accents!

iwatchedtoomuchlostnowmybrainisfried said...

MC Lars uses the guitar riff from The Passenger in the song "Download This Song" which has nothing to do with this post.