31 October 2008

happy halloween from tim fite!

I know, I know, it's been forever, I have so much to tell you about,* and will have even more after this weekend,** but for now, I'll offer up a guest blog from Danny at Rough Draft, who would like me to share with you the following:

If the playlist for your big Halloween party tonight consists entirely of Thriller and Monster Mash, you're going to want head over to http://www.timfite.com/ to grab Tim Fite's Ding Dong DITCH!!! The EP is free, Halloween-themed, and only available today. As you might expect from Tim Fite, the tracks are a pretty good mix of country and hip hop, avant-garde and humor with a Halloween theme.

Having only made it through the EP once, I'd have to point to the Old Dirty Bastard evoking 'RAW' and 'Put Some Eggs On It' as the stand outs.

Last year's It's Only Ketchup Halloween EP is also up for the day. Tim's sophomore full length Over the Counter Culture is available for free every other day of the year so if you've missed it so far, run over and grab it tomorrow when the site reverts to its non-holiday format.

* e.g., the Why? show, my new-found obsession with the Pernice Brothers.
** We're going to see the Drive-By Truckers and the Hold Steady.

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