06 October 2008

Andrew Bird @ The State Theatre, Ithaca, NY, 10/4/2008

Andrew Motherfucking Bird!

On the left there is Katie, our intrepid Sufjan correspondent and music rumor mill, and on the right is yours truly.

Oh but wait, you wanted pictures of Andrew Bird at the show!! Well unfortunately those are going to be a bit hard to come by, as virtually all cameras were confiscated upon entrance. We did see one or two telltale flashes go off during the performance, though, so we knew someone would get SOMEthing. And someone did! There are some pics here.

This was one of only a handful of solo shows he is performing in the NE this October. Andrew used a sample-and-loop machine to layer his own pluckings, strummings, whistles and claps to full orchestral warmth. The formal seating of the old theatre made the affair an intimate one, if not without it's occasional odd moments.

For example, while waiting for the lights to come down we kept hearing what sounded like a duck in the theatre. Also, there was the "run-by shirting:" at one point between songs, some guy ran across the front of the stage and threw a shirt at Andrew and then just kept on running without looking back. Unfolded, the shirt read "Obama '08" to which Andrew dryly commented with "I approve this message." (Which is cute and all, but can we keep the politics out for once?)

Il Conformista Prelude
A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left
Natural Disaster
Fitz and the Dizzyspells ("Which sounds like the name of a Polka band")
The Water Jet Cilice
Tables and Chairs
Weather Systems

The songs you might not recognize--"Natural Disaster" and "Fitz and the Dizzyspells" are on the upcoming NEW ALBUM, "Noble Beast," which will (supposedly) be a two-disc set (one of new materials and one disc of instrumentals. Live In Montreal will be a separate album)! Needless to say, if the songs we've heard so far (these, plus "Oh No," streaming over at Pitchfork, and "Anonanimal," which has been played at recent shows) are any indication, we have every reason to anticipate the January 22 release date with impatience.


EDIT: hahaha, check out the dude in the background, whom we have erroneously dubbed "Larry." since been informed that his name is Bob! He is our new mascot. I shall now rate events and albums on a 5-point Larry Bob Scale. For example, I would have to conclude the Bird show in Ithaca was a FIVE-LARRY BOB SHOW!

Andrew Bird - Anonanimal(live).mp3
Andrew Bird - Why? (live).mp3
Andrew Bird - Skin Is, My (live).mp3

Note, these are live cuts from Millenium Park on September 9, with Andrew's full band. This was a solo show and had quite a different sound. Hooray for sneaky videotapers + YouTube! Here he is performing "Lull" at the Ithaca show:


LMS said...

I love you...and Larry.

Katie said...

Oh, this was definitely a five Larry show! You can tell by the look on his face that he heartily endorses and approves of Mr. Bird's presence in his theater (or theater concession area). TOTAL ALBUM COVER MATERIAL!

Hmmm, maybe I should ask Andrew to sign a copy of that photo when I see him again Wednesday night...

Anonymous said...

I must say this music blog is quite stupendous! Hooray for girls who know their bands, and seek after local shows with fervor.

As for myself, I had the pleasure of viewing Bird at the Tarrytown Music Hall. How I would have loved to see Neko Case back in January!

Madkaye said...

I am constantly following your blog but this is my first comment. I do have a question, seeing as you have both successfully met two specific artists that I practically worship. Could you post a blog or just a reply perhaps on how you think its best to approach the whole conflict of:

"HOLY CRAP I want to meet this god and am willing to give up my first child in order to do so"


"Well...I don't want to be the annoying generic fan...I mean they're just a person, right? RIGHT?"

You know what I'm saying? You guys always seem to find the artist in a position where you can talk to them and get a photo and everything. How in the hell did you manage both sufjan and andrew? I've heard they are both extremely shy with fans.

Jess said...

great question Madkaye! Here's our response: http://volume-knob.blogspot.com/2009/05/so-you-want-to-meet-sufjan-or-andrew.html