02 November 2008

Love Is All you need

Can we talk about how adorable Love Is All is? I mean I know adorable bands are probably Sweden's biggest export. It's as if the country doubles as a factory that churns out adorable bands as if by assembly line production. But I swear I had forgotten just how great this band is until I saw them open for Of Montreal a few months back.

Josephine Olausson's baby doll whimper of a voice is the perfect compliment to her bandmates' angular riffage -it's a sucker punch of sugar and spice, kind of like a twee version of Deerhoof with just a tinge of brass. I've been spinning their 2006 debut "Nine Times That Same Song" all week and giddily anticipating their follow-up album "A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night" which is due out November 11.

Busy Doing Nothing - Love Is All
Turn the TV Off - Love Is All

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