06 October 2008

"My favourite Daniel Johnston song was recorded on a tape deck before you were born..."

So you know how sometimes you listen to bands like Arcade Fire or The National or maybe Sufjan Stevens or Rufus Wainwright and it's just so atmospheric and breathtaking? Like all the many and varied instruments (I'll never forget how gleeful June was about the church organ on Neon Bible...) and the mingling voices all combine to create this perfect and otherworldly and beautiful moments? You hear it and your breath catches and it's just so amazing, all these elements coming together.

Jacob Golden manages to capture that epic, sweeping 'woah' moment perfectly on his 2007 album "Revenge Songs." But somehow, and don't ask me how exactly, but somehow he does it with just himself and his guitar. No orchestra, no choir, no church organ, not even a cello or a glockenspiel. And I don't even notice their absence.


Jacob Golden - Out Come The Wolves.mp3
Jacob Golden - Hold Your Hair Back.mp3
(I really, really, love this one guys. Really).

Check out his site and buy the album HERE!

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