26 October 2008

The Most Unwanted Cover

OK so you all remember the Most Unwanted Song, right? The one about Yom Kippur and Wal-Mart. How could you forget it?

Well our good friend (and tMG bootlegger) Thom has taken on the challenge of recreating the world's "scientifically" proven worst song. Why?? you might ask. Well it's all for a good cause. I contributed to his autism fundraising efforts and in exchange he let me request a song, ANY SONG, for him to cover. And because I'm a sadist, I chose this one. Here is the result. You've been warned:

Thom - The Most Unwanted Song.mp3

1 comment:

thom said...

look at what you have brought upon the world. i certainly hope you're proud of yourself.

thanks for supporting the cause of autism awareness/research, and a belated thank you for the tmg-bootleg shout-out!