15 October 2008

Hail! Hail!

In honor of the release of Satanic Messiah EP, The Village Voice just came out with a super list of the top 5 FREE Mountain Goats downloads. If you haven't heard any of the shows/songs on the list, then by all means listen now - no excuses, they're all FREE.

We'd also like you to pay special attention to their #2 choice:
Mountain Goats Live at Old American Can Factory on 2005-07-02

"Recorded two days before 4th of July, on a Brooklyn rooftop, you can hear the fireworks going off during a devastating string of quiet songs: "Twin Human Highway Flares," "Going to Port Washington," and "Waving at You," potentially the most unfuckwithable Mountain Goats song that exists. Both this and the above are solo sets—no coincidence."

Not only do we undeniably agree with this assessment, but we're proud to know the dude who taped the show. So here's our shout-out to our friend and tMG correspondent Thom and his mad bootlegging skills. Hi Thom! Keep up the great work!

Oh and here's the album version of that aforementioned "unfuckwithable" song:

Waving at You - the Mountain Goats

What you still haven't downloaded Satanic Messiah?!?! Technically it's free, but pay some love to the Goats and donate a little, will ya please!

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