28 October 2008

Cut Off Your Hands @ The Cake Shop, NY 10/24/08

Cut Off Your Hands are nowhere near as emo-sounding as their name suggests, so really you should disregard it. Rather then being bitter and mopey like their moniker suggests, these hyperactive New Zealand boys proved to be just the opposite, providing a well-needed jolt of energy into my exhausting fourth day at CMJ. For those of you who don't know, The Cake Shop is a teeny, tiny corridor of a venue. It was the perfect crowded and cramped setting for their sweaty post-punk riffage. Also the hot lead singer (that should really be his name) ran, like literaly RAN into me and about half the audience, as he jumped around like a madman through most of the set. It was epic good fun. And best of all they just signed to French Kiss which means they should have a record out in the States by early next year.

Happy as Can Be - Cut Off Your Hands

Photos courtesy Amy.

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