25 September 2007

"You're the iron. I'm the rust."

Confession: I have an overwhelming tendency to enjoy any indie-pop band that hails from Sweden. Pinto is no exception. Like all good Swedish bands there are sugary boy-girl vocals, peppy handclaps and underlying melancholy lyrics. Think a mellower Peter, Bjorn and John or a less maudlin Jens Lekman. There is especially a self-deprecating charm to "Iron and Rust". When Andreas Magnusson sings "You're the iron, I'm the rust" there's a profound realization of the destructive nature of an almost parasitic relationship. Of course, it's just so snappy and catchy and, umm Swedish, that you barely notice. This is really good stuff.

Iron and Rust - Pinto
Here Comes the Love (Can You Show Me A Way Out?) - Pinto

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Laura said...

A new Swedish obsession!

kihijrhijor'fhijo <---hitting the keyboard in giddy anticipation.