14 September 2007

the Good Grief

Music critics like to use (and/or make-up) somewhat pretentious words to describe artists 98% of the world's population have never heard of (shoegaze, twee-core, anyone?) Well allow me to add "riot-girly" to your musical lexicon, as it seems the most apt way to characterize the Santa Cruz trio of Dan, Dylan and Alisha, aka the Good Grief (or at least the songs that feature Alisha's vocals).

"Mannequin" is fine example of this genre hybrid. It's features angular, post-punk riffage, a driving rhythm section and vocals reminiscent of a sweeter Karen O or Sleater-Kinney. Yet it's also one big blast of accessible power-pop with a memorable chorus and infectious beat. And the best news is most of their self-titled 5 song EP follows in much the same vein.

Mannequin - the Good Grief
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