07 September 2007

Peter Bjorn and John Post

After seeing Peter Bjorn and John live last night (with fellow VK cohort June!) at New York's Roseland Ballroom, I became convinced that they were the most meta-literal band ever. The bass drum read "Peter Bjorn and John Bass Drum". The curtain behind them read, "Peter Bjorn and John Backdrop". And just in case you were wondering, the t-shirts at the merch table read "Peter Bjorn and John T-Shirt".

But beyond the obvious stage labeling, PB&J rocked. And I mean rocked. "Objects of My Affection" and "The Chills" became electrified, shoegaze-y anthems. Oh and that song with the whistling, yeah they obligatorily played "Young Folks" too. With Miss Nicole Atkins supplying the coy, female vocals.

Here's an older PB&J song off 2005's Falling Out
Far Away, By My Side - Peter Bjorn and John
Thanks to Tara for the photos.

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Laura said...

To say I love PBJ is an understatement... one of my favorite vacation moments was finding their first album in a used CD shop in Finland.

Yes I am aware my geek levels just went off the chart.

PS. I love your blog too! Almost as much as PBJ.