29 September 2007

Ievan Polkka: greatest song of our generation?

Ievan Polkka, aka Leekspin, is a Finnish folk song performed by the a capella group Loituma. The song is partly sung in traditional Finnish, but the most popular :27 second clip, looped in the meme Leekspin, is freestyle scat-like gibberish singing, which varied at each performance. Here's a video of it:

Ya gotta admit, it's damn catchy! Perhaps too much so. After watching the video repeatedly in a 24-hour period I noticed myself humming it to myself in public places. (I recommend it especially for long lines at the DOL.)

Loituma - Ievan Polkka.mp3
Ievan Polkka Techno Remix.mp3 (one of many, I am sure, and one of the more ridiculous one. probably not what the creators had in mind when they wrote it.)

For the curious, here's a link to the lyrics--in both Finnish and English!

...aaaaand I'm Finnished. ::rim shot::

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