01 September 2007

Saturday Songs

Ok, so there are literally dozens of songs written about Saturdays. Here are a smattering of our favorites:
Saturday Waits - Loney, Dear
A dreamy track by Sub Pop's latest Swedish signees.

Finch on Saturday - Horse Feathers
A rootsy and folksy, string-laden affair off one of last year's most overlooked albums Words Are Dead

Saturday Night Didn't Happen - Reparta and the Delrons
Classic 60s girl group song, which is way darker and melodramatic than the rest of the pack. Forger about wall of sound, this is sound of a wall of denial.

What I Do On A Saturday - Steve Burns
"I'm just a boring example of everybody else" sings Steve, you know the dude who used to host Blue's Clues. Well he got a some help from his friends, a little group called the Flaming Lips and put out a pretty damn good album.

Saturday - Yo La Tengo
Kinda spooky, atmospheric song from the veteran indie rocksters

(Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night - Tom Waits
Old-school Waits. Meant for wandering and drinking alone.

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