20 September 2007

"Hang on to your dreams till someone beats them out of you."

John Darnielle just officially released "From T & G" in the Mountain Goat forums. However, before listening JD insists you accept the following disclaimer:

I want a copy of the version of "From TG&Y" (which you have also called "For TG&Y" at various points, omg which one is correct) that you and Peter recorded at Electrical with John Congleton last fall. I understand that by accepting this file, I agree not to be El Gran Señor Intenet Douchebag, saying on various forums or LJ comments threads how this song ought to have been on the next album instead of whatever other song I have blindfoldedly singled out, it being quite clear that this song's theme is rather more in line with the Sunset Tree.
I understand that you would not be the guy to just shove a Sunset Tree style song onto another album, since that would be so lame. I agree that the terms of this agreement are reasonable and awesome, and that they apply to me whether I grabbed the song directly from these forums or from some other source, and hereby state that I agree to them whether I have read them or not.
Yours most sincerely,
[signature of recipient]"

Got that guys? No quarreling in the comments. Good. Now enjoy.
From T & G - The Mountain Goats

And while you're at it, check out the cover story for this week's Washington Post entertainment supplement. "Express." Catch tMG in a town near you, as they kick off a tour of the Northeast U.S. today:

20 - Washington, DC, the Black Cat
21 - Baltimore, MD, Sonar
22 - Philadelphia PA, Northstar Bar
24 - Buffalo, NY, Buffalo Icon
25 - Toronto, ON, Lee's Palace
27 - Pittsburgh, PA, Rex Theatre
29 - Northampton, MA, Pearl Street
30 - Boston, MA, Middle East Underground

1 - New York, NY, the Bowery Ballroom
2 - Brooklyn NY, Studio B
30 - Milwaukee, WI, Pabst Theater

2 - Grinnell, IA, Gardner Lounge
3 - Omaha, NE, Slowdown
5 - Aspen, CO, Belly Up
6 - Denver, CO, Hi-Dive
8 - Lawrence, KS, Jackpot Saloon
9 - Columbia, MO, Mojo's
10 - St. Louis, MO, Biliken Club (St. Louis University)
11 - Springfield, MO, Randy Bacon Studio & Gallery
14 - Urbana, IL, Canopy Club
15 - Chicago, IL, the Empty Bottle

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