28 August 2007

This is the Hardest Part

I feel like some sort of douchebag for taking so long to post this. There's really no good excuse except that I'm mere days away from a 2-week vacation in New York, and am crawling outta my skin to get there.

So pretty much my only joy in life is checking the VK mailbox and receiving a gem like Thrushes' Sun Come Undone. Think of the incredibly dense, lush and complex wall-of-sound effect one hears form local favorites Juno but with a female singer.

Not enough for ya? These folks hail from Baltimore (VK hearts anything Baltimore!) With a deceptively light and ethereal sound making use of echoes and wails. They harken back to the early days of Sonic Youth but with a smoother, more cohesive sound.

OK, I admit it: I'm just selfish. These guys were too good to share. But after embarassingly too many listens (my Last.fm account doesn't know what to think of me anymore) I realized they're too good NOT to share. It's the rock music equivalent of a bubbling Zen fountain.

Thrushes - Heartbeats.mp3
Thrushes - Into the Woods.mp3
Pick up Sun Come Undone

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