13 August 2007

Jukebox the Ghost & Wakey! Wakey!

It's always refreshing to see a new band play live, especially when you have no preconceived notions about them and then end up becoming utterly enamored with their music. Such was the case this weekend when I caught a particularly initmate performance by two bands on the Family Records roster. Wakey! Wakey! and Jukebox the Ghost besides having names that sound awesome, actually sound awesome.

Hold It In - Jukebox the Ghost
This song represents everything that is perfect about piano-based power-pop. Structurally speaking, everything works: the hypnotic keyboard-based melody, the relentless rhythm, the impeccable "oohs". which kind of sound like something out of a more restrained Freddy Mercury. And to top it all off, there are hand-claps! Highly, highly recommended.
Check out their debut EP

You Could Do Better - Wakey! Wakey!
Quiet, yearning and a bit sparser then some of their songs, but I'm totally digging the sentiment right now.

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