08 August 2007

Barcelona Loves You!

As I'm From Barcelona took the stage at Brooklyn's Southpaw for their third and final show in the United States, I witnessed what could possibly be the cure-all for the deepest, most painful of depressions: twentysome-odd* Swedish people dressed in superhero capes and "Make Music Not Missiles" T-shirts sang and danced and nah-nah-nah-ed away the worries of a sold-out crowd of hundreds. As the confetti manically flew and the sound of kazoos and xylophones filled the air, it was impossible not to smile.

Lead Barcelonian Emanuel Lundgren even surfed into the crowd on massive yellow raft. Also the played a brand new song inspired by the Wes Anderson, Bill Murray flick "The Life Aquatic". It rocked.

If you still haven't heard the geographically-confused pop collective, take a listen:
We're From Barcelona - I'm From Barcelona

For more Barcelona photo action, including the setlist and Emanuel's awesome floral sneakers, check out my Flickr page

*I know technically there are 29 members, but a handful were unable to tour. At my best estimate, I counted about 21 or 22 people on stage total.

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